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Straight Egyptian Arabians
Colts and Stallions  

TFR Saaruukh
2008 Grey Colt
(Makhnificent KA X BG Miss Steel)
Strain is Hadban Enzahi


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Mares and Fillies

Sitara Bint Fakira - Currently on Lease
1999 black Straight Egyptian mare
(LA Ibn BlackHalim X Masada Fakira)

Dahman Shahwan in stain.


TFR Marah Bint Moniet
2005 grey Straight Egyptian mare
(Makhnificent KA X Moniet El Soheir)


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TFR Lazaan
(MB Ibn Sehnab x WF Fyre Pryncess)
4/5/2009 Bay Filly
Strain is Dahman Shahwan

Imperial Madheen granddaughter

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TFR Aliah
2006 Bay Filly
(Masree KA X Moniet El Soheir)


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Egyptian Related, Arabian, and Half Arabians
Mares and Fillies  


TFR Honeysuckle Rose
2004 Black Filly
75% Arabian, 25% Saddlebred
(LA Ibn BlackHalim X Lilly Dale)


Tall, elegant filly with lots of potential

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